For the last 20 years our main concern is your safety. As our customer we would like you to know that you should not be concerned about the safety of our cars.
As is expected from a company that offers quality, we service our cars on a regularly at the official Nissan service centre. this guarantees that our customers enjoy the best and safest cars.
We only use genuine parts and lubricants to avoid mechanical breakdowns and to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for all of our customers.
We check tire pressures before you pick up your car to save on fuel.
For your safety all of our cars have Airbags, ABS, immobilizers etc.
In the unlikely situation that your car does suffer a mechanical breakdown we offer a free 24 hour Roadside assistance handled by the official Nissan Service in Samos and immediate car replacement so your vacation will not be interrupted and spoiled. 
We are the official Nissan dealership in Samos and we make sure that all of our customers are satisfied.